About Us

Al Garas for spices and herbs SAE was established in 1997.

With our long experience over 67 years in the field of spices and herbs since 1952, today we become one of the most important importers of spices, herbs and seeds at Egypt.
Our business has started when Mr. Gad Garas has decided to move from the Upper Egypt to Alexandria in 1952. For 16 years, Mr. Gad has peddled all over Alexandria in order to sell spices and herbs to local shops. To take his business to the next step of development, Mr. Gad succeeded to purchase his own shop in 1968 at center of spices and herbs at Alexandria.
In 1984, Mr. Gad’s sons took the decision to expand their father’s business to the international market; they establish Al Garas trading company. After years, due to the huge growth of their business, each one has decided to specialize in a certain field: Dr. Fawzy Gad established “Bell Food Company” specialized in food ingredients and additives. Mr. Garas Gad has focused on grains and pulses field. Dr. Nocehi Gad chose to expand his business in the same field as his father.

Al Garas for spices and herbs is an Egyptian trading company has been established in 1997, to be an extension of Al Garas trading company 1984, we provide the highest quality of Egyptian products such as spices, herbs, beans and seeds.
Today, we become one of the most important suppliers that exist in local market; we supply our products to Egyptian companies, wholesalers, retailers, packers of Herbal Tea and packer of whole and ground spices.
We supply also to the International companies localized in Egypt such as: Bayara, Symrise, Heinz, IFF, etc……
Based on our wide distribution network, Al Garas for spices and herbs have succeeded to export its Egyptian products to:
Latin America: Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc…. Europe: Switzerland, Spain, etc…... Asia: Indonesia Middle East: Lebanon, Emirates, Morocco, etc……

“Providing our customers the finest Egyptian products with a competitive price in international market”

“Obtaining our standard products doesn’t avoid us to produce products upon our buyer’s specifications request”

“A quick answer for our customers demand and short delivery time of goods.”

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